Turning the pages: Books to save your soul or at least make you a little more happy at work and at home!


As long as I can recall, reading has been an important part of my life.  From the early childhood days of seeking escape and adventure, I found the Hardy Boys who opened up a whole world to me through pages.  I had been given many brand new copies, but there were a few books that had been found in library carts for $.50.  Books which had heavily worn covers and a distinct scent coming from the pages.  Those books created so much anticipation and excitement that I could not wait to begin devouring through the printed words found within the covers; stories that would unveil themselves and transport me into another time and place.  Not too long after I would be introduced to Steven King with Pet Cemetary…and you know the rest.  Reading has always been one of two methods of aiding my escape; in calming the wanderlust that…

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